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When I came in to meet Dan to talk about a possibility of working with him here at ITS, he told me that his brother and partner in business Martin was away at a Robotics conference in Montreal.

Maybe it the mention of Montreal, a place I fell in love with in my twenties and I lived there for over a year. (You don’t know the meaning of the word resilience until you survive a Montreal Winter with temperatures of  -20  with wind chill, but that’s a story for another time!) .

Martin and again the cool, calm Fionn were off at a conference at my favorite place and as soon as I started work here I wanted to find out the full story of the event. Alas as both have been very busy I’ve had to do my own research on RUC – Robotiq User Conference. This was an inaugural conference of ITS’s partner Robotiq  and was a very big deal,  as it had guest speakers with robotic expertise from around the world.

From the sounds of it, it was definitely not a run-of-the-mill conference, you know the kind where attendees passively watch speaker after speaker roll-by and you wait for a a free slot to stand up and stretch your legs.

No, this was very different with participants  viewing and interacting with robots/cobots demos in booth after booth, with over 40 robots set-up in a ballroom in a hotel in Quebec.

40 Robots in a Ballroom

Day two of RUC, the day of the the Workshop Challenge, which was completely participatory. This challenge involved teams with 5 robots each at their disposable with the objective of creating as many parts as possible in 24 hours. Teams using the three concepts from Lean Robotics principles – Design, Integrate and Operate battled it out through the night to be the winning team. Click here to find out more on the 24 hour Workshop Challenge .

From the Educational Workshops, the Seminars and the Networking opportunities made the RUC a fantastic knowledge sharing opportunity. Hopefully next year they’ll be another, and if I play my cards right maybe I’ll get a chance to go back a visit that beautiful city again.

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