Rent a Robot

Straight Out of the Box

ITS offer a Rent to Buy scheme for our Robots. This innovative way of buying any of our Universal Robots allows you to get up and running without any immediate overheads.

Step 1 –  The Robot

Decide which one of our Universal Robots interests you most. We can help by giving you a guided tour and answering any questions you might have.

Step 2 –  The Agreement

The rent to buy scheme operates through a lease option agreement whereby you agree to rent the Robot for a specified period with an option to purchase at a pre-agreed price. A small deposit is all you need to go ahead once the agreement is in place.

Step 3 –  The Purchase

At the agreed purchase date you have the option of proceeding with the purchase of the Robot at the agreed price. You will then receive your fully functional robot “out of the box” with the option of training should you require it.