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Our Team

ITS (Innovative Total Solutions), established in 1993, has its roots in mechanical design & build engineering.  It’s an important foundation for the automation experts we have since become. We were the first in Ireland to put the Universal Robot (Cobots) into action and have grown to become one of the leading Automation Integrators in Ireland working along with and other Robotic companies to create bespoke, customisable, unique manufacturing solutions.

Dan Buckley

Managing Director

Dan, the co-founder and Managing Director at ITS, boasts an impressive 30 years of experience specializing in the design and implementation of cutting-edge automation and robotic handling solutions within the Manufacturing industry.

With a keen understanding of the manufacturing landscape, Dan excels in translating large-scale project initiation and capital justification into practical, deliverable solutions that seamlessly integrate the latest technology. His unique ability to ensure the perfect alignment of technology with project needs sets him apart.

In his unwavering commitment to positioning ITS at the forefront of automation in the manufacturing sector, Dan focuses on spearheading advancements in collaborative robotics. Beyond this, he has played a pivotal role in establishing a centre of excellence, where clients receive training on effectively utilizing and integrating these robots into their specific processes.

ITS are key partners with, leading Distributor of Universal Robots in Ireland.

Martin Buckley

Technical Director

Martin, the co-founder and technical innovator at ITS, brings a wealth of experience spanning three decades in mechanical engineering and design, with a particular focus on robotics.

His journey in robotics dates back to the early years of his career, and Martin’s innate passion for invention has played a pivotal role in establishing ITS as a comprehensive automation solution provider—from initial design concepts to final commissioning.

While Martin initially concentrated on designing bespoke automation solutions, project specification, and overseeing installations, his expertise has evolved, leading to his current role as an automation consultant for ITS. Clients regularly seek his guidance in the realm of factory automation, where he excels in coordinating robotic integrations and conducting research at manufacturing sites.