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The Food Industry can be transformed by the use of collaborative robots.  We’ve integrated the Universal Robot with a number of food industry clients with great impact.


Bring new levels of productivity to your business with cobots
Collaborative robots can be a great advantage for several application areas along the food supply chain – from production, processing and distribution. The industry demands high speed while improving the quality of food processing.

  • The robot arm is a hermetically sealed unit that can be used in hygienic environments.
  • The outer casing of the robots is specifically designed to reduce the risk of accumulation of dust and debris.

Robot arms can free up your work force from repetitive or dangerous tasks while working in harsh environments that arise along the food production – heat, cold or unpleasant work.

Robot arms from Universal Robots can take over dirty, dangerous and dull jobs to reduce repetitive strain and accidental injuries, while freeing up human operators for qualitatively higher tasks.

Non-stop productivity in the food production chain
During busy seasons, robots can operate around the clock, delivering non-stop productivity to your business. They can be deployed and re-programmed as needed across tasks and applications as often as needed.

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