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Boost your productivity in your metal and machining industry with industrial robot arms.


Improve the precision of your tools and parts by automating the metal and machining industry with robots.
Universal Robot arms are improving the quantity and quality of the output from manufacturers within the metal and machining industry. Robot arms make it possible for subtractive manufacturers to adjust the production line despite various processes, materials, and specialized products. In addition, they allow companies to be one step ahead of competitors in the metal and machining industry.

Reasons for automated and customized Machining Technology

  • Accuracy: Machine tools and parts are providing up to 0.1mm (0.004 in) accuracy – every time.
  • Fast adaption to various processes of machining: Robot arms make it possible to quickly adapt production lines to new products with UR’s fast, flexible deployment.
  • Fast payback: The collaborative robot arm pays for itself. Robot arms from Universal Robots are affordable for small and medium sized enterprises.
  • Safety: Reduce the risk of employee injury while increasing precision by using a machining robot to perform complex tasks that require working in close proximity to dangerous machinery.

Using an industrial robot to complete metal and machining tasks can boost your productivity while reducing your time to market. This gives you a crucial advantage within your industry. The flexibility of the robot arms from Universal Robots allows you to deploy your robot across your production as needed.

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