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The Life Sciences have particular requirements for their production processes. At I.T.S we have found that both the Universal Robot and the MiR are perfectly suited here.


Maintain High Quality Levels In Your Production with a Collaborative Robot
UR robots are designed to keep environments clean while increasing employee satisfaction levels. Robots from Universal Robots are designed to meet the Life Sciences industry’s specifications for accuracy, precision and hygiene.

Robotics in the life sciences industry are performing a wide range of tasks: from packaging in medical devices and implants as well as assisting in surgeries. The robot arms from Universal Robots can be used for mixing, counting, dispensing and inspection to deliver consistent results for business-critical products. They can also be used for sterile handling and assembly of the small, delicate parts that are used in prosthetics, implants and medical devices.

The MiR (Mobile Industrial Robot) focuses on safety in manoeuvrings and in operation and facilitates the automation of internal transport tasks and thereby releasing staff resources for more valuable tasks. These mobile robots are easy to set up and simple to use because they are used in environments with people.

How robotic automation maintains high quality levels
An essential benefit of collaborative robotics is the easy deployment: Both Universal Robots and MiR have revolutionized the robot set-up, reducing typical robotic deployment measurably. This is key in an industry that is committed to provide the best healthcare solutions for all people to enhance their lives.

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