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Our Services

We support your automation project from initial concept and modelling, right through to installation and training.

We can create a prototype or simulate a production process. Our team of Automation Engineers will then conduct comprehensive testing and meticulous debugging to ensure top-notch results.

machine-build-iconMACHINE BUILDING
Whether it’s a new machine build or a modification to an existing process we’ve a proven track record across a wide range of industries.

production-sys-iconPRODUCTION SYSTEMS
We can automate anything from gluing and mounting to pick and place and packaging.

Collaborative Robots are a game changer for Industry. They are safe, easy to programme, fast to set up, and they have the fastest payback in the industry.

We can manufacture high quality precision components. From low to medium volume batches we can supply agreed inspection reports and material certs.

At ITS, we believe that when your production line flows, your automation is working. That’s why our entire process is designed to optimize efficiency and productivity. We offer a range of services to help you streamline your production process, including 3D CAD Design, Turn-Key Service, and Robotic Integrations.


Our process begins with designing a solution for your production process problem, creating a concept model to show you how it can work, and manufacturing the required 3D parts. We then assemble the parts and make them move with the latest technologies, including robots, PLC, HMI, vision systems, conveyor tracking, safety PLC, VSD, and/or servo drives. At every step, we test the system to ensure it complies with your User Requirement Specifications (URS). Once you approve the design, we begin installation and provide comprehensive training to ensure a smooth transition.


Our services include:
  • 3D CAD Design Service
  • Product Development
  • Project Management
  • ‘Turn-Key’ Service
  • Robotic Integrations
  • Fabrication of Small Parts

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