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Life Sciences production requires the highest level of precision and hygiene, especially in the realm of medical devices. At ITS, we have vast experience in dealing with these standards. Both Universal Robots and the MiR not only meet but excel in addressing these stringent demands.


Expertise in Life Sciences Integration: Our expertise in understanding the unique demands of this industry ensures a tailored approach to integration, addressing precision, hygiene, and other specific requirements.

Proven Track Record with Universal Robots (UR): As your integrator, we bring a wealth of experience with Universal Robots. Our successful track record in deploying UR robots attests to our proficiency in harnessing the collaborative and versatile features of these robots to enhance your production processes.

Seamless Integration Capabilities: We recognize the importance of minimizing disruptions to your operations. Our integration process, marked by efficiency and adaptability, ensures a smooth transition to robotic automation, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

In-Depth Understanding of Mobile Industrial Robot (MiR): Our proficiency extends to mobile robots where safety and efficiency in internal transport tasks take precedence. By choosing ITS as your integrator, you benefit from our in-depth understanding of how MiR can add efficiency to your internal logistics, optimizing resource allocation.

Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize your unique needs. Our customer-centric approach involves a thorough understanding of your production processes, allowing us to tailor our integration services to align with your goals, whether it’s enhancing quality, increasing efficiency, or freeing up valuable resources.

Continuous Support and Maintenance: Beyond the initial integration, ITS remains committed to your success. Our services encompass ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that your robotic systems operate at peak performance, and we are readily available to address any concerns or evolving needs.

From the intricacies of medical devices to the broad spectrum of healthcare and diagnostics, the integration of Collaborative Robots stands as a transformative force, promising substantial enhancements in quality and inspection across production lines.

Opting for ITS as your robotics integrator establishes more than just a partnership—it signifies a strategic alliance that extends far beyond implementation. Our commitment is rooted in elevating your Life Sciences production processes through a blend of expertise, seamless integration, and unwavering ongoing support.

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