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Collaborative robots can be used on plastic and polymer production


Plastic and polymer production
Collaborative robots from Universal Robots can be used across all areas of plastic and polymer production, including: de-gating, PCB loading and unloading, and pick and place projects. Plastic and polymer manufacturing requires high flexibility since different materials require different processing (other temperature ranges etc.).

Multiple stages in your production can be automated. Robots reduce employee exposure to noxious gases given off during the production of plastics and polymers. They also increase safety since they protect employees on the production lines from plastic shavings and the handling with sharp objects. Collaborative robot arms are also good at reducing repetitive work for employees while being able to extend production capabilities.

Processing of plastics and polymers becomes flexible
When plastics are made, production needs to change often. With robot arms from Universal Robots you can increase or decrease production in your company without having to adjust staff levels.

Universal Robots are lightweight, space-saving and easy to re-deploy to multiple applications without changing your production layout. It is fast and easy to move the robot to a new process – this gives you the agility to automate almost any task – including those with small batches or fast change-overs in plastic and polymer production and other areas.

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