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Universal Robot 5 & Robotiq Gripper

By 18th May 2018January 19th, 2023News

Universal Robot 5 & Robotiq Gripper

This is the latest project we have just delivered to an Irish based healthcare company.

The project involves the use of a UR5 with an end-of-arm tool with three bespoke picker heads. A vacuum cup picks up a hard mold that houses a soft contact lens. A ‘cracker’ opening device splits the mold, before a Robotiq gripper transfers it to a servo driven release anvil. The UR precisely controls the servo force and position to carefully pop the lens out of the hard shell. Once separated, the lens is removed with a small vacuum picker. The hard-shell is disposed of, and the soft lens is inspected by a camera for quality control. Once the lens is inspected, depending on the outcome, it is transferred into packaging for the end-user or is discarded.

You got to love Innovation!

Have a good weekend everyone.

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