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Welcome to ITS

We are delighted to announce that the new ITS (Innovative Total Solutions) website is now live. We wanted to create something that supports all the innovative work we’ve been doing so we could share it with our clients and partners. And here it is.

The news is good; Automation has become much more collaborative. Robots are working more collaboratively with people in the automation process. The “CoBot” evolution has happened where they are not just robots any more but Collaborative Robots.

It has meant that manufacturing processes are more effective for business and more supportive of the people who operate them. Further the CoBot has meant that automating processes is much more cost effective particularly with the Universal Robot. This is technology that’s not only innovative but affordable. Now processes that were never automated before can be.

We’re also delighted to share with you that we are now the Accredited Training Partner for Universal Robots in Ireland. We are well placed to share not only our expertise in the Universal Robot but our significant experience successfully integrating the Universal Robot across a wide range of industries.

We want to empower our clients to not only use but expand their use of their Universal Robot. We are also in the process of building a network of Trusted Integrators across Ireland that can successfully integrate the Universal Robot into manufacturing processes across the country. This Accredited Training Centre is for them too. Sharing this knowledge can only benefit all of us.

For now we hope you enjoy the site and we’ll continue to add more to it over time.